Daniel: when did your career as an artist begin?

Kyle: I am not sure what the term “professional artist” means for me. I have started selling works this year. I still have a full time job but am making it work. Also this year I had my first solo show. The works that were shown in the exhibition at Sardine are the first works I made in New York that I think I will still like in a couple of years haha.

Daniel: How did you end up being featured in your own solo exhibition?  

Kyle: I met the gallery director through my work, and we started an online correspondence.

Daniel: Do you have any advices for young artists who are starting their art education?  

Kyle: I wish that when I moved to the city I would have had less fun. You really have to take it very seriously. It might be a cliche but it’s true. Be as dedicated as possible to your craft. Watch less TV haha. Books on tape are a great way to be entertained in the studio without any kind of visual distraction.