What’s your name? Or Harpaz

General mood at the moment - Positive

Where are you from originally and where do you live nowadays?  Givatayim - Maccabim-Reut - Tel Aviv - New York.

One thing that you love about your current city and one thing you don’t - Hate: Weather - Love: The rest.

What kind of art do you do?  Photogrpahy

Topics that are relevant to your art - My work is a by-product of the reality of my life. It deals with my personal biography and the collective memory of the society in which I live in, and tie political realty to social realty. I am trying to keep sociopolitical awareness and to engage with a wide range of subjects. My interests vary and include a lot of worlds melted to a synthetic work of art: Humor and queer, staged and spontaneous, documentary and political, local and international, fake and authentic, illusion and reality, consumerism and gender. These themes are all part of my work.

What is the most fun part about creating your art? Being in that moment when you see the image in front of you before you even have your camera out and you feel all the things that you know are worth to capture or create and than also making it happen which is like fun X 2.