What drives your art? How can you describe the passion behind the making? I want to communicate in a way that people can understand. I try to be a curator of experience and thought, and bring myself and the viewer closer to something. I try to filter the world’s noise and create a narrative out of disorder; to convey my point of view in a new cultural space with different politics and new influences, different codes and new languages.  

Technical knowledge that you wish you had - better studio lighting knowledge 

Meaningful moment in your career/creation - knowing someone has your work on their wall is always nice

Someone/ something that you’re grateful to have in your life and why - lucky to have my family my friends my love my dog my intuition 

Something super surreal - Trump being president and any form of stupidity and hatred  

Other job that you had or have -Personal assistant 

Tip/ message for art students -  Travel a lot and don't take yourself too seriously